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Academy Rector Altar of Dementia
Aluren Ambassador Laquatus
Ancient Tomb Anger
Animate Dead Arcbound Ravager
Argivian Find Ashnod's Altar
Assault Strobe Auriok Salvagers
Badlands Ball Lightning
Banefire Basking Rootwalla
Bayou Beacon of Immortality
Berserk Biorhythm
Bitter Ordeal Black Lotus
Blasted Landscape Blasting Station
Blaze Blazing Shoal
Brain Freeze Buried Alive
Careful Study Cavern Harpy
Chancellor of the Forge Channel the Suns
Channel Chaos Charm
Chrome Mox City of Traitors
Cloudstone Curio Composite Golem
Compulsion Concordant Crossroads
Confessor Copy Artifact
Corpse Dance Cowardice
Crop Rotation Crucible of Worlds
Culling the Weak Curiosity
Dance of the Dead Dark Depths
Dark Ritual Darkest Hour
Darksteel Colossus Demigod of Revenge
Demonic Consultation Demonic Tutor
Deranged Hermit Desperate Ritual
Diabolic Tutor Disciple of the Vault
Donate Door to Nothingness
Dragon Tyrant Dragonstorm
Earthcraft Elvish Piper
Elvish Spirit Guide Emerald Charm
Empty the Warrens Emrakul, the Aeons Torn
Enduring Renewal Entomb
Eternal Witness Eye of Ramos
False Cure Fastbond
Fertile Ground Final Fortune
Fireshrieker Flash
Fling Flowstone Hellion
Food Chain Forbidden Crypt
Forbidden Orchard Forced Fruition
Forest Fork
Frantic Search Funeral Charm
Furnace Of Rath Future Sight
Gaea's Cradle Gemstone Caverns
Glacial Chasm Glimpse of Nature
Glistener Elf Goblin Bombardment
Goblin Charbelcher Goblin Mountaineer
Goblin Piledriver Goblin Recruiter
Goblin Ringleader Goblin Warchief
Goblin Welder Goryo's Vengeance
Grim Monolith Hatred
Haunting Misery Heartless Hidetsugu
Helm of Awakening Horn of Greed
Horseshoe Crab Hunted Dragon
Hurkyl's Recall Icatian Javelineers
Illusionary Mask Illusions of Grandeur
Imperial Recruiter Iname, Death Aspect
Intruder Alarm Invigorate
Island Isochron Scepter
Izzet Guildmage Jinxed Choker
Junk Diver Kaervek's Torch
Keldon Marauders Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker
Kobolds of Kher Keep Kokusho, the Evening Star
Krark's Thumb Krark-Clan Ironworks
Lava Spike Leveler
Leyline of Lifeforce Leyline of the Void
Liability Lightning Bolt
Lightning Greaves Lion's Eye Diamond
Living Death Lotus Petal
Maggot Carrier Magma Mine
Mana Clash Mana Crypt
Mana Severance Mana Vault
Mass Hysteria Megatog
Megrim Memory Jar
Metalworker Mind Over Matter
Mind's Desire Minion of the Wastes
Mishra's Workshop Mogg Maniac
Monkey Cage Morality Shift
Mountain Mox Emerald
Mox Jet Mox Pearl
Mox Ruby Mox Sapphire
Mutagenic Growth Myojin of Infinite Rage
Myr Moonvessel Myr Retriever
Necromancy Need for Speed
Nether Shadow Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind
Oath of Druids Opalescence
Ornithopter Pandemonium
Patriarch“s Bidding Pattern of Rebirth
Petrified Field Phage the Untouchable
Phyrexian Altar Phyrexian Dreadnought
Phyrexian Negator Plains
Plateau Platinum Angel
Power Artifact Protean Hulk
Pyretic Ritual Pyrite Spellbomb
Quirion Sentinel Raging Goblin
Rath's Edge Reanimate
Reap Reckless Charge
Reconstruction Recurring Nightmare
Replenish Reverent Silence
Reverse the Sands Rite of Flame
Saproling Burst Savage Beating
Seething Song Sensei's Divining Top
Serra Avatar Serra's Sanctum
Shallow Grave Shared Fate
Shining Shoal Shock
Show and Tell Shrapnel Blast
Shuko Sky Hussar
Sneak Attack Snow-Covered Swamp
Sol Ring Soldevi Digger
Songs of the Damned Soul Warden
Soulscour Spark Elemental
Spark Spray Spellbinder
Squirrel Nest Stroke of Genius
Swamp Taiga
Tendrils of Agony Time Walk
Tinder Wall Tinker
Tolarian Academy Tooth and Nail
Traumatize Treasure Hunter
Tropical Island Twincast
Underground Sea Unnatural Speed
Vampire Hexmage Vault of Whispers
Verdant Succession Volcanic Island
Volrath's Shapeshifter Voltaic Construct
Voltaic Key Vulshok Sorcerer
Wall of Blood Wheel of Fortune
Whispers of the Muse Wild Mongrel
Windfall Worldgorger Dragon
Yawgmoth's Bargain Zombie Infestation
Zuran Orb Ęther Snap