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Pact of Negation Palinchron
Paradox Haze Parallax Tide
Parallel Thoughts Patron of the Moon
Peer Pressure Pemmin's Aura
Pendrell Mists Peregrine Drake
Perilous Research Pestermite
Plagiarize Political Trickery
Polymorph Pongify
Power Artifact Prodigal Sorcerer
Prosperity Psionic Entity
Psionic Gift Psychic Battle
Psychic Possession Raven Familiar
Raven Guild Master Ray of Command
Reconstruction Reins of Power
Relearn Rhystic Deluge
Rite of Replication Rootwater Matriarch
Rush of Knowledge Scalpelexis
Scornful Egotist Scrivener
Sea Snidd Seahunter
Sea´s Claim Second Chance
Selective Memory Serendib Sorcerer
Shared Fate Shifting Sky
Shifty Doppelganger Shimmering Wings
Show and Tell Shrieking Drake
Shyft Sky Swallower
Somnophore Soothsaying
Spawnbroker Spiny Starfish
Standardize Stasis
Stifle Stormtide Leviathan
Stroke of Genius Sunder
Sunken Hope Sway of Illusion
Synod Artificer Taniwha
Teferi's Veil Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir
Telepathy Temporal Adept
Temporal Fissure Thieving Magpie
Think Tank Thought Lash
Tidal Kraken Tidal Visionary
Tidal Wave Tidewater Minion
Time Ebb Time Elemental
Time Walk Time Warp
Timid Drake Tinker
Tolarian Entrancer Tolarian Winds
Trade Routes Training Grounds
Traumatize Treachery
Treasure Hunt Trickery Charm
Troublesome Spirit Twincast